Charlotte G Turner Taken by Nomi Gedzelman

Are you someone who has been asking what I am busy with?
Three years ago a high school classmate who knew of my involvement with photography invited me to join the International Art of Photography online from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.This is a group of about four thousand talented award winning photographers. I was fortunately to be included and have been doing heavy learning from Jack Wild my skillful intelligent teacher and serious members of the group since.

No, I have not added to the over 100 hard bound albums in my living room but I have been doing serious online homework.

My romance with photography started when my sister gave me a brownie camera at the age of nine. It was used to document the restoration of a garden for a 6th grade graduation project. That album is still in my sizeable collection.

In high school when my interests in photography deepened, I acquired more elaborate equipment.  Then when studying Education and History of Art at Boston University, I inherited a serious camera with a heavy assortment of lenses. I married and settled in Morristown, New Jersey to raise three children and become the family photo documentarian.

Various classes were attended at the International Center of Photography. I became employed by an New York architectural firm where I used photography to record works in progress and as a research tool while engaged in the restoration of a Hudson River historic mansion.
Presently the world that I capture in my photographs is a moment in time in which color, light, textures, shapes and shadows communicate a feeling and a message. I would like viewers to enjoy both my visual images as well as the narrative that they embody.
Charlotte Gerber Turner
New York City
January 5, 2023

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